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Another MJ noob- Incommando's '88

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I just got an '88 SWB with a 4.0/auto/231 drivetrain. The score is it has a D44 rear. I am not able to post pics right now bt it is probably cleaner than average.


The bummer is that although the PO just put in a new waterpump, t-stat & housing, hoses, rear main seal, etc... he left the header panel, headlights, bumper, etc.. off. It is all there, but it is a pile of parts and a box of fasteners. :fs1:


Same with the interior. :fs1:


Any good resources for putting this back together? Maybe pics on what should go on first to make my life a little easier?


My goals are to go with a 4.5" lift and some 235/85/16's ( roughly 32x9...I have the rims). Unfortunately the D44 has trac-loc, so a lunch-box locker is not an easy option.


Previous jeeps: '45 CJ2 w/swapped in 225 '65 CJ5 '70 Commando 225 V6 '72 Commando 304/auto 79 CJ5 304 '79 Cherokee Chief 360/T18/D20 '80 N/T Cherokee '84 CJ7 and the current ride: '05 KJ 3.7/6spd/241J with an aussie in the back on 2.5" lift and 245/75/16 MT/R's.

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Due to currently going through a divorce (after 27 years together), my only 'net access is at work and access to photobucket, etc... is blocked.


I have 3 photo's that the P.O. sent me prior to the sale if someone wants to post them. I could email them. I have taken none since I got it, and the roll bar is not in yet. :help:

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is picturetrail.com blocked? they have a free-host version too.


i just got internet at home today and will be able to access my photobucket again. Thanks for the suggestion though


the jeeps are kind of a nice diversion from thee deevorce. I have always had jeeps and gravitate to the unusual ones, like commandos.

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