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Going to Iraq


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I hate to say that this is the best 4x4 forum that I have been on, and most people are relatively close. Yet I have never had the experience of wheeling with anyone from this site.

But i feel like I should let everyone know that I am being deployed to Iraq, on the 10th. I will actually be in camp shelby miss. for 8 weeks first so i don't know how much i will get to visit this site. but you can bet your @$$ that when i get back i will be building one hell of a comanche and plan to wheel with everyone that I can.

I would like to say thanks to everyone on here who has helped me out with my questions.

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Maybe you can send back a diesel engine out of a humvee one piece at a time to put in your 'manche.


:clapping: :agree:



Stay safe and chime in with some updates if you get any free internet time over there. With pics if you can! :D


Jeep on!


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