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Gas Tank Leak, with pics!

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I have no junk yards to hunt in Juneau, anybody know a good place to shop for a replacement gas tank?

I have a '90 4x4 SWB with the 4.0 Renix.

I would think my current tank is approx 18 gallons.

eBay has 18's and 23.5's. If I went large on a SWB, would it fit?


Thanks for any help guys.



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I just replaced mine this past weekend with one from carquest. I got it the day after i had ordered it. I think it was like $170 Straight-Up. Mine is a swb 4.0l too so pricing should be about the same.

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Where's the pictures of the leaking gas tank :dunno:


Just where is the tank leaking????


At the O-ring for the sending unit?? At the supply line/return line on the sending unit cap??


Or, on the steel tank it's self??


I would say rockauto for your location, http://www.raybuck.com is another option.


And no, you can not install a 23.5 LWB tank on a SWB MJ, it will hit the rear axle :eek:


Just make sure you get a replacement tank for FI, one that has the reserve pan inside the tank.

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mine leaked on the outside twards the gas fill tube where all fo he road dirt and snow laid up in there. it has surface rust so i tool a pick and poked through the holesa nd cleaned them with a brass non spark wire brush on a drill then jb welded them wildmain siad thats the most common place for them to rot out.

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