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  1. Looking to part ways with my 2-door Cherokee. It is a 1993, with approximately 130,000 miles on the body, and not sure how many are on the engine as it was replaced with one from a '97 Cherokee I believe from a previous owner. It is a 4.0l, 2wd, auto, and it runs and drives great. It has brand new tires(less than 5,000 miles), new oil pressure sensor, new radiator, new A/C condensor, new battery and I'm sure more that I cannot remember at this moment. It does have its quirks though. The exhaust......It needs one(muffler back). Also, the key is broken off in the ignition. it comes with two extra keys, and all the doors and the hatch lock. And yes, it still starts. It also has some clear coat peeling on the drivers door. There is NO RUST on this thing besides your little specks on the pinch welds( can send pictures). THIS THING IS CLEAN!!!! It is red in color with black along the bottom. looking to do a straight up trade. I would prefer a 'Manche that is 2wd with a 4.0l. ELIMINATOR if possible. (Although 4wd would be fine too.) Doesnt matter on the trans. I absolutely love my XJ, and don't need to sell it, but if the right comanche were to come along, i would let it go. It also has some custom touches on the front bumper to make it appear newer. I was going to go with an SRT inspired look, as I have an Archer Brothers front body kit from a Street truck, and some Saleen replicas which oddly enough look a lot like SRT8 wheels. That is why i would like to trade it for a Comanche, as the 'Manches handle a TON better than a Cherokee. I will try to post pics when I get a chance. Or you can call or text me at 517-489-9100 for pictures. My name is Ryan.
  2. Hi all. Havent been on this forum in a while, but had a few questions. I have a 93 XJ with a 4.0. I am looking to swap in an AMC v8, more than likely a 304, OR, a ChryCO 318 or 360 magnum (carbureated). I am just looking for any help on the subject. if I can remember correctly, someone on here has done a swap with the 304, and another with the 360. I am compltely AGAINST swapping in a chevrolet engine. For those of you that are going to suggest that, please don't bother. Yes, I know how much easier it is. No, I will not do it. If someone could direct me to a build thread on this subject i would greatly appreciate it. This will not be a stock engine. I am mainly interested in information on wheather or not i can use my transmission, if anybody makes motor mounts, etc. How can i tell what transmission i have (I believe it is an AW4), and if it is any good? It is an auto without the comfort power option. P.S. this is a 2wd application. I am going SRT style with this. I know that the 304 and the 4.0L share the same bellhousing pattern. What is needed to mate them? Thanks.
  3. Yes, BUT, I believe my Cherokee is spring over axle. A block would lift it.
  4. Now I know that you can swap the rear suspension from a Cherokee onto a Comanche, and if I remember correctly, it will give a lift to the Comanche. But, how hard would it be to swap the rear suspension from a Comanche onto a Cherokee? Will it lower the Cherokee at all? Reason being, I'm currently building an SRT inspired XJ. I have a front air dam from a street Comanche, and 17" rims that are nearly identical the the Grand Cherokee SRT-8 rims. I am also installing rear coils from a TJ on the front, in which I am anticipating almost 2" of drop there. So hopefully, this will work out the way I am expecting it to. Any input is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks! Ryan.
  5. Thanks! That was what I was hoping for. Gonna do a cool project that involves a light running below and along the kick panel and sill plate, to give a cool glowing effect on the floor when the dome lights come on. Try to do a write up too.
  6. Does anybody know if its got power to it? Any additional wiring needed for these lights? Or is it pretty much plug n play?
  7. It's been dangling under the dash for a while, but I can't seem to figure it out. It's in my '93 xj. It doesn't have the courtesy lights near the feet. Is this for them? Prewired from the factory? Thanks!
  8. Like the title says, I am looking for any street comanche specific parts. Ground effects etc. Everything besides the piece that goes on the bed. You can reach me by the site, or by phone. My number is 517-489-9100(call or text) Ask for Ryan. Thank you.
  9. LOL. Took the spoiler of my buddy's mustang.
  10. It's located in Belding? I believe that's where it is. My friends father in law owns it. It's called Antcliff auto salvage. I'll get the exact location from him.
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