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a few newbie questions

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alright, before i move on to the questions, i would like to state my knowledge, or lack thereof. i am looking into purchasing an '86 long bed. it lists as


1986 Jeep 4x4 2.5 Ltr Iron Duke, Throttle Body Fuel Injection, Auto Trans 4.10 gears, long Bed , Tonneau cover, Army Green Primer, 174,000 miles normal rust, good heat ,no busted glass , everything works, Still have original build slip 3rd owner.



as for what i know, i've never known much about how to fix vehicles, and this will be my first vehicle i've purchased. as for what i would like to know:


1. is a comanche a good choice for a first vehicle, or is it more for the auto buff?


2. when i go to inspect this, i'll be bringing a mechanic friend along so i don't get hosed. is there any particular problems that i should look for?


as a note, i'll be using the manche for regular travel and light hauling, as well as some backwoods travel.

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Warm welcome from Razorback Country.


From what I have gleened from the very knowledgable people on here is that the lil pup is a very good (and reliable) mid-size truck.


I have recently aquired mine and the three things that pop in mind is there will be rust around the fender flares.....not necessarily through the bed (the inside of mine is perfect) and it came from the Springfield MO area.

Two is they used a sound deadener under the jute carpet (probably to block the heat) that is a dissimular metal that the floor which causes some cancer to develop there as well.

Three, depending on the model and motor, it will get you into trouble faster than get you out...these things are quick. I can't voice any opinion on the 2.4l, but the 4.0 is a neck snapper.


Wayne S

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There are really two kinds of Jeeps.


The first is the one where you get hundreds of thousands of almost problem free use out of, with only the regular maintence stuff needing done.


The second is the maintence nightmare. But, having a competent mech, look at it will certainly help avoid that. You also want to check for rust, specifically in the quarter panels, unibody frame rails, and floor pans.


The engine and transmission are considered 'bullet-proof', meaning a rock solid combination that will give fantastic service.


174k certainly shouldn't frighten you from this truck. But like any vehicle, its prior care will go a long way to determine its future performance.


I would certainly turn a first time owner onto a Comanche, or its brother the Cherokee. Reliable, plentiful parts, and HUGE aftermarket support. Learning to do your own work, is one of the 'joys' of being a Jeep owner. It is part of the community and spirit that defines us.


The person listing the truck doesn't really know Jeep motors though.

The Iron Duke was a Pontiac motor, that was never used in the Comanche. The 2.5l used in the Comanche was a AMC/Jeep design. The Pontiac motor was used in the CJ series for a number of years.

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i am onto my 3rd one. and let me say that there are tons others on here that own more then one also. the only reason i got rid of my 88 was i wanted 4x4. got rid of my 86 since it had the crap plant 2.8L v6. and now my 91 i have only had for a few days but love it. my 88 was my first vehicle and i don't think i could have picked anything over it except maybe a J-Truck. but i have been really happy with how well these things run on or off the road and how easy they are to work on body or mech wise. i am sure that there will be some others on here to fight me on this but the 2.5 is not very fast on acceleration so highway life is sort of limited to the slower lane or just have fun and tick off people in the fast lane when you want to pass, thats what i did with my 86 8) . but i would say go for it as long as you don't mind workin on it some, but you have to remember it is 20 years old so some rust is expected.



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I love these little trucks, they are a blast. I could drive anything and I choose to drive these. Even the people who were laughing aren't anymore. And, I'm having fun. It's fun fixing them up a little at a time and seeing the results. Some of the problems I have had, I had on both when I bought them. Exhaust manifolds cracked, no biggie, for someone with some experience. Electrical gremlins, namely turn signals, indicater lights staying on with the lights turned on, interior lights, bad speakers, stuff like that. Really just stuff you would find on any car this old. And, boy, do they get run through the mill, and seem to be none the worst for wear. The good news, just like the good ole days, nothing that can't be figured out with a test light and a little elbow grease and a little help from your forum friends.


Ken :cheers:

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