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Comanche streak!


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hey guys Ive seen 3 comanches in the past week.. thats a record for me considering ive seen 6 in person! I just wish I could make them signup on here so they can enjoy the fun :dunno: Ive seen 2 on the northern state parkway and 1 on the robert moses parkway on the bridge to captree island! I couldve sworn one of them was a twin because it had the same faded paint lines on the bed and was the same color and a shortbed.

-wish I could tell these guys to signup on here


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I saw two others today, the one in town with the cab vents removed, and another one I haven't seen before.


In the town on the other side, there's at least 2 red ones that I see on a regular basis, but I never seem to be able to stop, and I'd been cardless until later today, when I finally remembered to put my new cards in my wallet/XJ.


This helps too:



There's one on the front too, but the pic sucks and it's really not that readable. :dunno:

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I've seen quite a few... when I went out to Pat's once to pick up an MJ for a friend... there was at least 8 there.


Probably another 10 around Madison... 8 or 9 down here... There's two just up the road at a body shop, I'm trying to get my hands on the parts one... maybe 3 or 4 on the highways. I've dropped off cards whenever possible.

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