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Inner Shifter Boot

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Anyone know where I can get an inner shifter boot? Mine is trashed (explains that horrible draft I got in sub zero weather :( ) All the inner boots I find at the JY are torn up completely. Do the stealerships have them? Any idea of how much $$$ id be out from a dealership?


Or have any of you clever fellows found a better solution for this problem? :thumbsup:



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Try this websitehttp://www.4wd.com/productdetails.aspx?partID=8171&utm_source=Affiliate&utm_medium=CJ&utm_campaign=CJ_ProdCat



That's the outer shift boot. I think the question is about the one on the floor, under the console -- the one we don't see.

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Yeah, I'm looking for the inner one that seals out the cockpit.... I'm a little to cheap for $30-50 though... Ill just have to make something work I guess

Go to a Pep Boys, Auto Zone, Kragans, Shucks, Advance Auto or whatever and buy a generic round shifter boot for $5.

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