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internal swap

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Yeah, WHY would you want to do this? Most people want to go the other way and get rid of the internal slave.


I'm not 100% certain, but I think you'll have to replace your bellhousing. IIRC the internal slave is mounted to a pair of threaded bosses inside the bellhousing. I doubt the mounting points will be there in a bellhousing that was set up for the external slave.

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Generally you have to change bellhousing when going from internal to external... I don't think you'll have to with this, but since you have to remove the transmission anyway, you might as well, so you can get rid of your external slave as a kit.


The internal slave doesn't really mount to anything, but they usually have some sort of small rivet that goes into the bearing retainer... which is different between internal and external slave.


But again, why, OH WHY, do you want to do this? External slaves are faaaar superior to internal setups.

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I've had two hard-part failures on the internal slave, with brand new parts when I converted to 4.0L. The first was two days after the conversion as I was driving the MJ home from the garage I did the swap in......one of the stupid little U-clips that hold the hydraulic lines into it fell out and rendered me clutchless. Had to limp it back to the garage and drop the tranny to repair it (replaced the clips with cotter pins, FYI). And, just as recently as two weekends ago, I noticed something metallic sticking partially out of the bottom of the bellhousing (as the clutch had been becoming more and more chattery, and worse by the day). Pulled the inspection plate and what remained of the steel washer that secures the internal unit to the tiny little roll pin driven into the bearing retainer (reference Genovast's post above) fell out.


I am officially done with the internal slave POS. I have a spare external AX15 I've been keeping in storage as a backup.....it's going in on Saturday morning.



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:dunno: I am about to try to swap my 90MJ from internal to external. you can have all the old parts when I am done.


on my 86XJ has the external slave and it only took two bolts and a line to swap it out. About one hour of work in the drive way with out jacking up the jeep.


:headpop: to change the internal slave is going to take at least a full week end to swap out.

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