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Pennzoil Comanche Giveaway


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1) I've never seen a new Comanche before.

2) I've never seen a yellow Comanche before.

3) B!tchin


I've worked for Jeep for so long that I remember doing PDI's on new Comanches. Heck, I remember doing 'em on new Scramblers and J10's.

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I bought my first NEW vehicle in 1894. My regret was that I did not give JEEP more time and a better look!!!


I had herd Jeep would soon have a Lil' PU. I looked at the Cherokee, it didnt "do" it for me. I couldn't wait and had saved for a while just to be able to purchase then anyhow.


SO, I bought a 1985 Ford RANGER. It was a good truck to me, I had it for a long time and clocked 173,000 miles with little problems.



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I bought my first NEW vehicle in 1894.

:eek: Was it a horse and buggy? 1894 was a long time ago. :D


CJ0A - hand-built, they only made 4 before they got bored and invented the phrase "hey ya'll - watch this!"


I bet you're really kicking yourself now for giving it up.

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Hey Folks,


I just got back from a week in Mexico, East Side.. It was a blast, espcially looking at all the different types of vehicles they have down there that are not in the US or Canada... such as 4-door Rangers, Chevy LUV Trucks, Chevy Chevy Cars, Chevy Tornados, Dodge Attitudes.. etc... oh and lots of VW bugs... Then there was the typical TJ's, a few liberty's, and I saw one XJ, which was lifted to boot!!!


But what I was really amazed at, was on the last day of my trip heading back to the airport, and of course, out of reach of my camera.. was a yellow short box MJ!!!!.... The only MJ I saw the whole week down there, and it was yellow!!!.. So I'm guessing for those who didnt win the pennzoil yellow MJ's. they might have only been available in Mexico....



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