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On the road again........

Sir Sam

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Spring break, driving the kj crd, going hiking in the grand canyon. First tank, went to fill up with b20 only to find that station has switched to a different supplier and only sells b2, grrrr. I don't get over there very often because it's on the other side of town, now I guess I don't have any reason to go over there.


First tank- fort Collins co to Santa fe nm, 24.3 mpg. Second tank Santa fe to Williams az, 24.2 mpg. Drove along at 80-90 for the first tank, and had the cruise set at 80 for the second tank. Not too bad, I am running without the Thule, which saves me about 3 MPG. Someday, maybe when diesel gets expensive enough again, I will do a road test at 65 mph and see how much it improves.


So now I am at the south rim of the grand canyon, have Sunday and Monday night at bright angel campground and then Tuesday night at Indian gardens. What an easy hike! All corridor trails, and they sell beer at phantom ranch. I'm gonna lay in the sun all day and eat food and then drink some beer in the evening.


Untill me meet again brothers.


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80mph and you're talking about fuel economy?? what kinda rpm's is that?


you'll probably get 30 mpg at 65 mph. i'll spend an extra couple hours driving to save a hundred bux on a long trip.


RPM? I think about 2500. Driving 65mph on this trip would have cost me 5 more hours of drive time(round trip) and saved me about $40.


When fuel goes up in price the math becomes more favorable. But for now I can live with 24mpg at 80 mph in a jeep. =)

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25 MPG from Flagstaff AZ to ABQ NM.


Had a slight tailwind from ABQ to Raton CO, then a STRONG headwind from Walsenburg to Colorado Springs.


I25 was closed down so I'm back to colorado springs for now. Between the vicious headwind last night and the 4WD use today my milage dropped just below 25, 24.8 on the last tank. Dangit, really wanted to see another solid above 25 tank.


Also, 2300 RPM @ 80MPH.

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