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35 inch tires?

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I ran 33s with 6.5" lift and decided to cut my front fenders instead of bump stopping. Travel limited by shocks, lots of flex, it worked well.


I got 35s about a month ago, had to cut more on the front fenders, had to cut some on the rear fenders (rear sits at ~8"), but not really noticeable, and now the inside of the front fenders is in the way. Can't cut that. There are no sharp edges to cut my tires, but I will still have to bump stop. One of these days I will stuff the tire up against the top of the wheel well tight enough that it can't turn with a front locker that will force it to turn and blow an axle shaft or u joint.


But I love my tires.

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I run 35" tires on my MJ with 6.5" of lift and have trimmed VERY little on the front and have no issues. Uptravel is not everything... bumpstop it correctly and it will force the other side down. Anyone who tells you that 6.5" of lift is not enough for 35's does not have their suspension setup correctly.


Here is a pic of the area's I've trimmed on the front. I have not touched the area's that the flare is still attached.




The rear I did trim a bit and I'm running TJ flares. I did this more for getting rid of the rust issues than I did for tire clearance.




It stuffs the 35's without issues in the front.






I also run 35's on my XJ with only 5" of lift and very minimal trimming (have not trimmed higher than the body line on the flare area). I have no issues stuffing them either while offroad. I score over an 800 on the RTI ramp (30deg).



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