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am i crazy?

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whenever i shut my 88 off, it ticks under the valve cover for about a min

when i remove the oil cap, there is a little "smoke" there (inside my garage, not condensation)

my gauge reads like 30 at idol and 40 at @ 2000 rpms which seems right to me?????

my assumption, since everything else is going wrong that can,

is that the lifters arent getting oil and they are expanding or contracting, creating that sound

so therefore i need an oil pump


...please tell me I'm crazy....

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Almost all motors tick for a few minutes after they've been running and got up to temp. It's just the metal cooling down.


From what I know, the little bit of "smoke" is normal. Every motor I've ever had did that if it was up to temp.


Oh, and we all already knew you were crazy. :nuts:

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Well If you want too , take it back to the SOB that put it in there . Do a leak down test on it yourself , to check compression .


If the motor is bad , tell him to get you a new one .

My truck does the same thing , sometimes it almost sounds like a diesel motor knocking away . However mine has 200,000 k

miles on a factory built 4.0 HO . Its kind of expected . :dunno:

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Lets see. Could it be delayed flue pump reverberations echoing off the walls of the fuel tank and escaping up the fuel lines to the injectors. No, that BS won't fly, so it's gotta be contraction of valves, springs, or some other metal parts in there. Sounds like my shower hot water pipes after I shut the water off in the morning on a cold day.

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Mine makes the same ticking noise after I shut it down. It usually does it more if the motor is still cool when I shut it off. Its been doing it since i built the stroker 10k miles ago, I'm not gonna worry about it, unless it changes.

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If you really want to hear ticking pinging noises, listen to a 9 cylinder Lycoming, Continental or Pratt whitney cooling down. Those are radial, air cooled aircraft engines, boy.

I'm a man and what does aircraft engines have to do with anything?


Hes just saying they make a lot of noise cooling down....no big deal, just turn your radio up!

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