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jeep lift

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For 6 inches, you need pretty much new everything.


You'll need the coils, sway bar links, extended brake lines, UCAs and LCAs(Longarms would be much, much better) trackbar, shocks, etc.


I hope to whatever god you may believe in that you don't plan on doing a 6 inch shackle lift. MJ shackles are long to begin with... and IIRC, 6 inches of shackle lift would make your new shackles about 14 inches longer than the stock ones. Breakage would ensue.


You should be able to get about 5.5" in the back with an SOA lift.


At that height, you need to do your research and make sure you have everything you need... and quality parts, not just 'what's cheap' Remember - you're putting your life in the quality of the parts you buy. Do it right or don't do it.


On another note.. at 6 inches, you're going to need somewhat beefy tires so it doesn't look goofy. Chances are pretty good your current axle gearing isn't going to cut it.

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Besides Spings and shackles your going to need...




Adj. Track Bar

Longer Brake Lines


Swaybar discos


I really hope its not advertised as a 6" lift shackle, b/c theyre isnt such a thing so Leaf Packs or going SOA will be in order as well as any additional hardware that youll need along the way. 6" of lift takes a good amount of money and work, its definently not something that is cheap.

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i found 6in lift leaf spring on craigslist from rustys off road

I hope you didn't get Cherokee springs. They aren't anywhere near the same length as Comanche leaf springs. And the Cherokee starts off as spring-over-axle and the Comanche is spring-under-axle, so there's not a lot of correlation regarding the rear springs anyway.

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