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MJs in their new home


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I know, crappy day to do it, but I happened to be outside when I remembered to do it..





I took a few pics of the frame damage on the blue one... they suck because:

1. My phone sucks

2. I didn't want to crawl under. I'll get some better ones eventually..



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XJs doing... well, decent. Making noise, loud exhaust, funky oil pressure, falling apart, but hey, it's an XJ. It'll get me where I'm going.


We probably won't be up till sometime in Feb, and it'll be for a decent length of time.


Yeah... they are a little chilly. See all the snow? That's all we got and all the schools closed thurs and friday. Most of them closed for friday by noon on thursday.

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well the only reason i posted here was because i was the person who kinda asked genovast for some pictures of his mjs all together because i wanted to see them. but i also travel down around this area and I'm not a huge drive away from the great lakes so this is one of my forums. so I'm sorrey that i violated you space and i wone bother you again.

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