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My new project


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Welcome! Seems you have a valentines MJ...

'92 FTW jamminz.gif


Nice truck. Enjoy your stay here!


Could you help us out about your TJ bucket conversion? I find the seats in my '03 to be the most comfortable things in the world and would love to have something like them in my MJ.

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I have one pic of the mounts . hope this will help .

I started by using a set of clean mounts from a 95 xj and a pair of Best Top tj seats for a newer model

the seats made it easy because the aftermarket seat bolts are adjustable . just move the bolt bracket to line up with

the floor bracket holes . once you have that you can start to center them where you need them in the truck.

This is where the fun begins, stock xj brackets are too tall in the back because xj s have flat floor pans. You can cut the bracket

but i saw that as time consuming and i still wanted the stock sliders to work. What i did was use the upper stock floor bolt (hump side) on

both seats just to center the seat in the truck . with the one bolt on each seat i could see where the the three other holes would line up.

xj brackets do not line up with the stock bolts so , I used my old trusty pal (block o wood) and his friend rubber hammer. i dented neat clean

square grooves where the rear mounts hit the floor . You need about a half inch down thats all I was amazed at how thin the floor pan is so

using grade 8 bolts and big ol gangster grade 8 washers I leveled the seats best i could and drilled the three other holes .

I would use steel washer plates under the truck large as possible bolt right through and bolt it all down together.

I will admit I spent a soapbox.gif load of time in the cold and dark on this one. I m 6 foot 4 and the seat have to be all the way back

and they only fit one way , But I have to agree the tj seats are the best ive ever had :banana:

If you guys want I can post a pic writ-up with more detail. :yes:

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Thanks !!! I plan on doing allot more restoration , It's always been a dream of mine to have one of these trucks , all brand new

and badass like . It's also my daily winter driver . I just broke the 200,000. mark on the od and she still runs strong.

My little gem.

Hey if I ever get rid of some the stock parts I'll post them!!!!! :cheers:

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ok, ok, you people with badass looking trucks and the upgraded interior should stop posting pictures. :rotfl2: it makes me think to much about mine and how none of that cool stuff will happen to it in the near future :( :rotfl2:

same goes for me! i wish i had any extra cash bcuz I'm diggin this MJ

welcome to CC :thumbsup:

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