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Removing the oil pan?

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I've an 86 Comanche and I need to replace the oil pan gasket. According to my Chiltons book I need to disconnect the exhaust from the manifold. My problem is those bolts look like nothing but corroded rust. I'm afraid of ruining the connection to the manifold. I'm sure someone here has replaced the oil pan gasket before. Some advice would be appreciated.


There is enough room to get to the oil pan bolts without removing the exhaust but I want to know can I remove the oil pan without disconnecting the exhaust?

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It would be almost impossible to remove the oil pan with out dropping the exhaust down.


I know.......you didn't want to hear that.


But.......the manifold bolts are not that hard to replace, the OEM's are pressed into the manifold, and can be knocked out, and replaced with standard 3/8" bolts.

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Whatever happened to "pound them out and replace with new studs from the dealer"?


I know we're all Jeepers and Jeepers love to do everything on the cheap, but every once in awhile it just makes so much sense to do a job right, so you don't make life harder on yourself down the road, that I just wonder at the masochistic "Let's find the absolute best way to make life as annoying as possible" approach I sometimes see people recommending to other people.


How much could two new studs POSSIBLY cost?


:wall: :wall: :wall:

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