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Cherokee - Mj compatibility??

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Here's the scenario. I came across a relatively cheap 90 Xj this morning. All I want out of it is the Ax15 swap, but for the asking price that's way too much. However while looking it over I'm wondering what other parts I can use. I can't tell if the motor is renix or not, but it sure looks it. The power windows would be a nice touch if they can be waterproofed. I know the seats and driveshafts are both throwaways. I can make $50 on the dash cluster.


My Mj is a 89 Pioneer.


Let me know opinions quick.

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There's nothing wrong with an internal slave, until something goes wrong. And even then it's only a huge problem if dropping the trans is a huge problem. To some people out there, it isn't that big a deal. I'm sorta in the middle on that one. It's a pain, but I can do it.

I bought an external slave bellhousing for my truck ONLY because I found one cheap AND because the internal slave was already toast AND because all the parts came with the external bellhousing. So as long as all the used parts are good, I fixed my bad internal slave for like $35. The big reason the External slave transmissions are more money is simply because they are newer and tend to be lower mileage.

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