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brak's 89 MJ Pioneer !


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Hello all, you may have seen some pics of it in the Pub section. but i'm gonna start my own build thread. couple of notes. i'm not really a mechanic, but i try to do what i can. also, keep in mind, i do not have a garage, so keeping the truck apart for long periods of time with the winter coming is an issue. plus, i still need to use it for truck stuff, like carrying things. haha.


1989 Jeep Comanche Pioneer, long bed, 6cyl, auto, 4x4, 293k on the odometer. engine was swapped at some point. The truck needs a good amount of work, dash wiring, rust repair on body and floor. gas tank was replaced by previous owner last year, but he said it leaks around one of the fittings if there's more than half a tank of gas in it. The frame under the bed looks good, just some surface rust.


Here it driving home. 2 hour drive. it did just fine. and some pics one it got in the driveway.







Couple of days after I took some more pics to see what i was dealing with.















I also put in my freebie truckbox, and secured the spare. The spare mount under the bed is very rusty, and i did not even want to attempt using it.




The headlight switch is busted. All it does now is turn on the interior lights. The wiring going to the switch is totally butchered. I'm guessing it was all in a harness that connected to the switch, but all that's there now is loose wires. The "replacement" switch the previous owner put in was only connected to the headlights, as a make-shift solution I used a wiring diagram and connected the parking lights to the switch as well so at least I can use the truck legally at night. Once i get some extra money, I'll buy the real headlight switch. I also want to go through all the dash wiring and make it all neat and correct.




Next, I needed a temporary solution to the hole in the floor. Once it gets warm and someone can weld for me, I'm going to put in new sheet metal, or maybe some aftermarket replacement floor pans.




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That truck is in rough shape. I hope you plan on fixing it up, and repairs like your OSB floor are temporary.


i do plan on fixing it up. and yes, the wood floor is temporary until someone can weld some sheetmetal in for me.

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