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just bought a 88


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well I saw and ad for a Comanche mountain bike $30.oo so I went to buy it

now who would not buy that for $30.oo

when I was their the guy cam out and says wow nice Comanche.. I was driving the 87 brown tow tone... I said thanks he says do yo want to put it in the back of yours or buy mine and carrie it in it? I say what do you have,

bam off to the bank and back to buy the 88.. it has a bit of rust on passinger side box about 4" blisterd but lots to work with.

runs great and I do not see a leack anywhere... strange I thought so I looked to see if their was oil in it.. hahhahahaaaa

drove it around the block and said I will take it..

its a 2x4 but I can change that...I have a ax15 with t-case out of the 89 metric ton that I took apart so no biggy and enough front ends that I will ever need so got that coverd..

I might sell it I don't know I have tomany jeeps now... hell maybe its the one I keep and sell the brown one...

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Call me stupid but I don't undrstand what this is for...


took the 88 out for a putt tonight

d44 rear end, 251000 kilomiters or about 155000 miles.. engine runs strong and sounds great.

sunroof, sliding rear window, has had one small patch on sub frame on the drivers side. rear before spring hanger.... it looks good and rides great..

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what fertilizer do you use to grow such nice rows of jeep. :rotf: :rotf: :rotf:


Well its a mix thas been worked on for a long time. I can not get into the amounts of each part as the secret has been handed down for many years, but I can tell you this..


take 100 year old farm land and on the second Tuesday of each month plant a hot wheels toy, add mericalgow and water everyday with lots of love and joe puppy drool, add lots of elbow greas, (and all kinds of other greas), spray WD40 once a week to keep the rust bugs away,

and wala jeepcity rows of jeeps.

oh and I almost forgot lots of bread and I mean lots of bread... LOL

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