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I decided I hate art


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Sad thing is that someone funds this guy's work...

The sadder thing is that "someone" is probably us ... through the National Endowment for the Arts. The best I can figure out, the NEA is a government venue for siphoning money away from productive citizens and giving it to "artists" whose work is so bad and/or so non-art that they could never hope to sustain themselves by the fruits of their "labor" if forced to actually sell their "art" to earn a living.


The entire NEA program should be scrapped.

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What in the blue-blazes just happened? The crushers accomplish the same thing, just in square form.


I enjoy mindful art pieces designed, compiled, or otherwise presented by competent persons. Having studied Landscape Architecture in school, I have a fondness of art.

That is no art. That is unnecessary! :doh:

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