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New here. Quick question though. I'm planning to piece together a 6 inch lift from scratch for my 86 comanche


right now i know i atleast have to have this stuff

-6.5 in coils

-shocks all the way around

-pitman arm

-I'm doing a soa in the rear so i know i need the perches


am I'm going to need control arms and a trac bar?


Thanks for any answers



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What you will need totally depends on what kind of lift you do upfront.


For the rear you will need




Depending on intended purpose new flex line




Drop brackets and stock uppers and lowers work great for 6.5" of lift :brows:

Then use a HD trac bar and mount ( I used Re's)

For shocks get some DT 3000's in the 26" expanded. some jks bayonet eliminators

26" long brake lines






This setup will give you perfect caster angle using stock shims. Just remember to limit your up and down travel

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Your drag link and track bar need to be at the same angle. If you use a drop pitman arm, your angle will be different. This will cause bump steer. If your absolutely had to have a drop pitman arm (which you don't) you would have to drop the track bar frame mount down too.


What are your plans for the truck? Mine is strictly a wheeling rig, and works fine with a full set of adj. arms and no drop brackets. I will be going with long arms in the future, but for now it works.


But I don't break 40mph haha.


Build on my truck:



6.5" RC coils

Adj UCA from RC

Adj LCA from RC

Adj trackbar from RC (not really thrilled with this one...I'd go for something beefier...it's a VERY important part)

Redrilled bracket and extended hardlines for front brakes

RC sway bar dicsos (used once...too much of a pain. I now run without sway bar. Again, not much street time)

Used RE 6" shocks




Prop Valve Rod extension

New rear hardlines (not needed, but watch out when placing the perches on top of the axle...movement of the lines may be required)

Lowered mount for soft to hard brake line.

New U-bolts

If you re-use your shock mount plates, be sure to use both plates on top of the leafs

Measure for custom application shocks.



Thats about it. It would take more if I wanted to make this thing highway worthy, but I don't. That's why I have a DD capable of towing the MJ.


It all depends on what you expect from the truck.

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its goin to be a farm use and a krawler. i have a chevy 1500 that ive already got lifted and such so i don't expect this thing to go over 50.


I'm on a pretty small budget. I didnt want to have to put control arms on it. i just wanted to use coils, track bar and a simple soa in the rear. i know i keep repeating myself. can someone make me a list so i can see the simplest way i can make it work? i don't want to have to buy control arms, and i still don't understand the pitman arm. do i just completely get rid of it?

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see i keep hearing that i need to get a new pitman arm and i didnt know if i did. so the stock one wil work with the lift?

so tomorow when i go to order the parts i need to get...



-track bar


-and look into control arms or control arm drop kits?

sorry i get really paranoid when doing my own lift stuff :(

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I think that is what I'm going to go with. even though i really don't have the money to be doing it with my 1500 still being paid off. but i guess you gotta go big or go home :roll:


thanks guys. i will talk to one of my friends at my local ORI tomorow and see what the rough country lift runs at the shop. thanks for helping the new guy out so much :wavey:

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