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Better Roll/Brush on Coating???

Better Top Coat for the Interior???  

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  1. 1. Better Top Coat for the Interior???

    • Herculiner
    • Duplicolor
    • Other (please post)

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Alright my MJ is finally getting the floors/Drivers Rocker and Bedsides fixed this weekend ( :yes: :D :yes: ) and i don't plan on putting my crappy carpet back in, Anyway I'm torn between using Herculiner on the Floor or Duplicolor Bed Liner. The Floor will be POR-15 covered before the beadliner but i don't have experience with either and was looking for a few opinions. The truck is my DD Driver but is usually limited to around town trips and playing in the Mountains, not much Freeway time anymore so an increase in road noise isnt 2 big of a deal. Thanks! jamminz.gif

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I voted hurcliner but if u could afford the extra few bucks it would cost to have a quality bedliner sprayed in then thats the way to go . i have the duplicolor crap in my cab on my floors thats been there for about 9 years and it sucks, started chiping as soon as it dried and it sure wasnt from a lack prep as i spent 2 solid days with a sander / wire wheel and degreasers though there are a few diehards on here that think that stuff is gold . shortly after i did the cab the hurcliner came out and i did the bed with it and the results were more pleasing though it still comes nowere near the quality of the profesional stuff .


If i were u i would try the POR15 bedliner kit they sell , caus if its anything like their other products that we all have come to like and depend on so much then then try it.

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well in my need for more info on the POR15 i started to do some searching and i came across some great reading .

they talk a little about the POR15 POW-R-LINER on the second page near the bottom but its all great info , its mostly about the profesional stuff but still good food for thought.

http://www.tundrasolutions.com/forums/i ... inions-no/


Looks like it's a pretty good deal at $180 including the gun.

yup that is a good deal , i realy want to see this stuff in action , if only i had the money

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Only problem i have is i don't have an adequite (sp?) Air Compressor for running a spray gun.....thats why i was looking into a brush on type liner :dunno:



I'd suspect that you could brush the POR liner on... But, you might want to talk to them about that ahead of time.


Also, you can often rent a compressor for a minimal fee ($40) that will get the job done. Or see if you have friends with one that like beer, or whatever. I lend mine out often enough.

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Once the weather holds out for a few days, I will be spraying the U-Pol in the bed of my MJ. I will let you know how it turns out. I recall reading that somebody used a small pancake compressor to power the U-Pol provided gun.


I have the duplicolor bedliner on my winch plate. First coated in self etching primer then the liner. No problems yet. I also have it on my rockhard cage, no problems. I like the texture, much like the factory plastic dash pieces in a newer XJ or TJ.


I have only seen the outcome of Herc and did not like the texture. Way to rough and bumpy.

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my entire truck is done with hurculiner (po did it). i've been happy with it. the po rolled it on, i'd spend a few extra bucks to buy the spray gun. for the body, mine feels a little rough, so i'm going to redo it but spray this time and smooth it out a bit. i really have been suprised at how well it's held up. it's been on for 6 years now and doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

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I have used Grizzly Grip roll/spray on bedliner several times with great success. Currently I am getting ready to do my entire 89 MJ.

It seems to me to be tougher and more durable than Herculiner although about 25.00 more a gallon. It rolls os so nice that unless you need to spray..for some reason...I would roll it on.

I have it on the lower panels of my wifes Super Duty 250 and have had many compliments on it especially since people think it is a spray on Rhino.

Now ALL spray on liners will fade somewhat...yes even Rhino will...but Grizzly now has a satin or gloss UV coating to keep it shiny..if that is your thing. Their liner material comes with UV protection anyway ( a bottle you mix in with the last coat) but the clear overcoat will keep it shiny if you desire.

Also there is Durabak..which to me is identical to Grizzly Grip.

The key is surface prep. Do it correctly and it will last as good as any spray on. Cut corners and rush it...it will fail just as any Spray on. I had a truck with a Rhino that peeled...the shop cheaped on surface prep.

Main difference I see is spray ons are about twice as thick...which simply is due to application method. If you want a thick coat...do NOT roll it on thicker...rather use 3 or 4 coats instead of 2.

Here is a link.....and they have tons of colors.

Also both have smooth or fine textured versions instead of the more standard rough texture. My floors are fine but...I may coat the interior as well..but for that I may go with a smooth finsish. Look at both Durabak and Grizzly....if for no other reason than options. Look at this pics submitted by other CJ owners.



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