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aux fan coverted to on/off switch write up? 89mj

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anyone have a aux fan switch write up? or can tell me how to do it? I'm not sure i can get it right if i try it myself. i know its running off a temp sensor right now and i looked at the wiring so i have some what of a idea to do. so how does this sound: take off or cut the connector off the 2 wires coming off the fan, run the black wire to a good ground, the other wire(white) put in a switch in between that and a power souce-that would be acc so if the key is out it won't stay on?- and then mount the switch on the dash somewhere.


any opinions would be appreciated.



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Is the fan the stock e-fan with the stock installation????


I tried what you are describing with an XJ... Worked great until the Jeep hit 210, and the factory relay kicked on and started the fan.... Filled the cabin with really, really bad smelling wiring and switch smoke..



This relay is mounted on the fender by the airbox. It runs the fan. Tap the orange wire going into it. Run that to a switch and a 12v source to the switch. Always remember to use a fuse inline. Safety first....


This is mine in my XJ....


But if you don't have the relay, you need it. You can't really wire this up safely any other way. You don't want 30amps running through your dash or wherever you put the switch at.

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