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MY 86

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this is my 86 X 4x4 2.8 lb. it has 98k on motor and i got it for 200 but it needed a rear end.


the day i got it


the in side


factory brush guard and toe hooks


got the rear tires off


randome of the brush guard


the new d35 with 3.55s


the parts gatherer/dd till the manche gets on the road


I'm gonna start taking the old axle out and work on switching the breaks and get the new one in. any thing that yall think i shuld know just tell me. btw what do you think, did i get an ok deal?

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well my dogs decided they like my tools i had sitting on the tail gate to do the breaks with so now i have to go get new tools :fs1: , but i will post progress pics tonight and one of the rear end and y i had to get a new one. till then ill be wrenching. nutkick.gif

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yes but it is going in my 77 amc jeep j10


put the girl to work cleaning


the hole dash and in side the glove box was covered in pollan


the new meets 30x9.50x 15 mud rovers


to go on theas wheels

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there is one tear in the drivers seat but i will try to get it fixed


i antidisestablishmentarianism to put a 2- 3in lift on it witch will consist of spacers up front what do yall sugest i do fore the rear i need some thing that is cheep and will last for at least three months till i get the funds to get lift springs front and rear.

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sup john u got a hell of a deal on that thing, has the rear slider window too. yeh your real axle was f'd up, but the new one looks like its it good shape! get those brakes on there...oh yeh i might be selling my 3 inch black diamond springs off my tj ...i can't remember if they will work though like if there the same diameter or whatever but lemme know if your interested in them.

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well the other day i went to get my breaks from matt^ and i came back home to find this




my dad thout he would do some work with out knowing wether the 10" breaks would go on the new axle or not so he pulled the shafts out of both :nuts: here are some more random pics i took( i love pics)

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