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AX-15 max input torque?

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Hmm. That's not a bad idea. They are rated for 300ft-lbs on the dot. And I could get one with a GM pattern, then use a SAE#3 or #4 (whatever) to GM adapter. The list of GM vehicles that I can pull one from isn't too bad either...


Also, one wouldn't be nearly as expensive, nor as large, as a NV4500.


Maybe all the little pieces will fall together...

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I would be interested to know this too, as I have a 380 horse built 302 that I'm planning on strapping in the ole MJ. For me, It's not weather or not my AX-15 will last, but how long it will last before I have to upgrade to a full size driveline. I'm not wheeling mine or running big tires until I do blow it up/replace it, but after that, all bets are off!

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The Jeep NV3550 is used behind the VM 2.5 CRD in the KJ. The engine torque output is ~270 ft-lbs. Thats factory. If Jeep engineers threw the NV3550 behind a diesel engine with 270 ft-lbs at whatever low RPM it tops out at and expected it to last any length of time I suspect it will be fine running ~275-280.


Also, if you need to clock the transfer case differently on the trans you can redrill the trans, that way you don't loose any spline engagement with the spacer/clocker.


Apparently you posted this both on naxja and here. :waving:

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One of my few posts on NAXJA in a long time...



I need a 3/4" spacer regardless, if I just wanted a clocking ring I could get a 3/8" one. The input on the NP241D is a deep/long 23 spline deal. Unless I swapped input gears on it, or cut the input down (either might be viable, but there is issues with both) it would bottom on the output shaft of the trans before things mated up. I'd decided that I'd simply buy the clocking ring and then I could at least play around with the position of the case to a certain degree. Ultimately, it might be a smarter idea to put some new holes in the transmission, but I'm still undecided.


This swap would be a little weird regardless. And probably ridiculously expensive once everything was in place... Cummins B3.3 (I don't like how the 4BT would have to fit), plus a 5-speed since I've half convinced myself that it is a better idea than an automatic for what I intend to do. It'll be expensive since used B3.3s are NOT easily had, so I'd probably be buying a new/rebuilt (crate) one either from Cummins or a rebuilder. Plus I'd need everything to go with it (turbo, injector pump, figure out the power steering and alternator mount, etc), and the SAE adapter for it. I think it could come out swell. Maybe I'm silly/stupid. But there is a member on here with one in his MJ, and I think he used an AX-15. Works for him, but I don't recall if he played with his pump settings...

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