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2cd Slave Cylinder failure in 5 months???

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Back in January, my internal slave cylinder and clutch were replaced at a repair shop for $900.


Well, I got in the truck yesterday and the pedal goes almost all the way to the floor before it engages. Unfortunately, the repair is under warranty for 'Parts Only' for 90 days.


I’m wondering if I should swap in a new slave cylinder myself or could the Peugeot BA 10/5 transmission with 217K miles be to blame.


Perhaps I should just upgrade to the AX-15. What are your thoughts?

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If the slave sylinder was not from the dealership, that is your problem. IF you replace the slave again, get an OE cylinder! I think this was discussed when you originally had this job done, and I (or someone) here warned you about this likelyhood at that time...didn't we? ;) Every aftermarket slave I have seen fails within 6 months :ack: :dunno: .


Anyway, I really am not trying to be an @$$ and play the "I told you so" game :cheers: . My opinion here would be to go AX-15 if you have the opportunity.

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Yup, you're right, you did recommend the dealer slave. Would it be correct to assume that the job would entail:


1. Remove crossmember

2. Remove transfer case

3. Remove transmission

4. Replace slave (with OEM)

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If you decide to change to an AX-15, remember that not all AX-15s have an external slave, so you might be changing a tranny to put back the same type of slave you have now. They started using the AX-15 in mid-1989 but they didn't move back to the external slave until 1994.


I would just buy a factory slave for the tranny you have and install it.

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Thanks fellas! Brent, have you used this website before? Are they really OEM parts?

Yes...it is a Dodge dealership in Lakeland, FL...and I just interviewed for a job there last week ;) :thumbsup:

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