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Canuck MJ Restoration

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I am going around the site for a year, and i finally take the decision to write the project. :wavey:


When I bought my MJ the tail gate was bent and a lot of rust and dents.



I began with surface rust and go deeper after.


All the mechanic was working, but need a new AX-15(Used) from cherokee.


I bought a 1990 Cherokee Laredo to be a donor.



Get ride of the stupide cluster lights


I found surprise under the carpet

The leak was coming from the windshield and the back windows.



After fixing the more urgent problem, the floor, we go around the truck !!!


More work



More rust issues


We finally put the primer and the paint



Couple days later new back glass & windshield




The latest modification was a transmission & t-case this last spring


Fuel sending unit and all gages are working


I am still working on it presently redoing the inside


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A Small uddate !!


This week-end, no girl around, so i will work on the truck. :D


My intention is to fix the muffler.


Magnaflow Catalyser (my green side)




Cherry bomb 24"(for the sound) :thumbsup:


I will have to find some time later to fix the e-brake before winter.

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With the new house, the Comanche was a most. jamminz.gif


I find out oil in my cooling system. I will have to rebuilt or change my 4.0l.


I find another MJ 1990 4.0l 4x4 auto (metric ton) for $400. :Canadaflag:


In a near futur(next summer), I will swap the motor in mine if the garage is ready. :clapping:


Next on the project: :idea:


3" lift

D44 swap

Metric tone leaf swap

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  • Last update, the winter truck was dismantle summer 2013, the following parts were keeped

- Hood

- Rear dif. 44D

- Front dif. gearing

- Inside esthétique

- Seats cover

- NP-231

- 4.0Liter

- Roof liner


I will upgrade the 1989 with these parts.

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