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Frame stiffeners (going 1 ton's)

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Ok guys need some help here. I need to no what you guy have done, thinking about doing to stiffen up the frame on the BEST TRUCK Jeep has every made. I got a smokin deal on a front D60 and i want to beef up the frame as this truck has and will be beat on.

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the frame is the same on the front.


in front of the cross member or in front of the bed :dunno:



In front of the cross member. But they have stiffners for just the front frame which is what will be important, thinking of going this route myself on the 60. But a cage whould help alot as well in the stiffney of the jeep.


For the front...



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Thanks for the link my other computer crashed so i am on the new one and don't have all my links saved yet. Here is my plan and thought I would just use some 2x3 angle 1/4 to 3/16 thick and go from the lower control arms back to just behind the cab. As the back of the truck will be tube some day. That and the box is going to have to come off to fit some 39's on a 6 1/2 lift :idea: :hmm:

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Ok next step in mine is plating the frame. Have a question, would you guys say it is better to plate the frame with a outside single plate, then simple section on the inside where the link mounts are going,



To plate the whole frame inside and out and underneath the whole length of the frame, then weld my link mounts, blah blah


or would that be over kill?


A cage is being installed as well after the suspension is underneath the jeep. opinions go!

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