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AW4 to 2.8L V-6 Possible?

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you can technically install one using a 87-88 cherokee 4 cylinder aw4, torque converter, and flexplate.


but...you'd have to have the flexplate balanced out to match the 2.8's flexplate, IF the 2.5 flexplate would even bolt to the 2.8


...or you could drill the holes to locate the TC on the 2.8 to the TC on the 2.5...IF they're even different.




you'd have to adapt the TV cable to fit, IF it doesn't already


and you'd have to install a BrettM manual shift kit, and up-shift + down-shift with manual buttons. that's IF you cannot adapt the 2.5 Aw4 wiring/computer to work with the 2.8



and that's alot of IF's...


the only undoubtable thing is that, with the 2.5 aw4 bellhousing, you CAN bolt it to the 2.8

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The solution lies in the s-10. they used the same engine as the jeep. It will be a 700r4 which is a great trans. Problem is the early ones had a few issues. Mostly with longevity (mine went over 200k) I think this was due to ppl not maintenancing them, or towing to much with a light weight truck. If I am not mistaken (don't really know) they used a np207 too, so It is entirely possible to find a s10 and swap it in. I know Painless wiring offers stand alone kits for the torque converter lock up function.

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