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hello'm new and I have a 90 Eliminator


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mexico by greetings from here we have a club that barely three years old its www.ptr.com.mx

my Comanche is a Eliminator 1990 and is the fourth Comanche I think that this other to say how much I like these

it's hard to find but at the end that's what I'm working on that for the moment I have only lifted 6 "will put about 2.0 fox shocks I did ho, head of 97-01 and put some things but I think sharing advances in my project

greetings and is a pleasure for me to belong to this forum

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?Que pedo guey? :cheers:


Standard ComancheClub greeting:




2)Beer is in the eladera.


3)Do not, I repeat do not sit on the tan couch. (At least it used to be tan)


4)Pete has some rules, please refer to the begining of Tech section.


5)Yearly fees are $113.95. Please post your credit card number here. ===>xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx


6)Please explain to CWLONGSHOT that it is completely reasonable to put fruit in your beer in some countries.


7)Watch out for the one they call Wahoosteeler. Not only does he smell bad but the bastard keeps drinking all the beer!!

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thank everyone for their welcome

Ricks is so my taste for these pic ups is something strange I was very young when I saw for the first time one of these I have 25 years and I'm much attention but I think it will remain my dayly driver for sometime more

and I'm from the border with California is Mexicali Baja California

if I have some photos that I would like to share but i don't find the way to do

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Wilkkomen! Errr, wrong country. Hola!


Have a seat on the tan couch, Chico's on a beer run, should be right back. I hope so, I'm thirsty again for some reason. :D


Hola, como estas amigo!?!

I'm already on the tan couch, and I hope Chico get back from the beer run soon cause my buzz is wearing off.

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