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Few D44 questions...

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Will the drums brakes off of a D35 fit on a D44 if they both came from 89's? I have a D44 waiting to go in but am missing brakes off one side. Wondering if I can just swap on my D35 brakes and call it good since they are not that old. Also what size U bolts do I need? If I can get those 2 issues sorted out I will be ready to swap it in. :cheers:

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Diiiissskkkkk brrraaaakkkkeeesssss.... :D







Juuuunnnnkkkk yyyaaarrrdddsss... :D




Must be you Chico, I don't see anything out of the ordinary. :D



Yeah, thanks Pete. I thought it was either me or the bloody umpteenth beer I've had and the fact I haven't been able to sleep since last nights posting fiasco :D

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