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butt high

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I also kinda like it how it is but if the front springs settle out anymore, I will definately want to lower the rear or raise the front.


thanks i love it!


I couldnt tell from the pictures if you had spacers in the front... but id say raise the front up as opposed to lowering the rear.


Teraflex has some cheap 1.75" spacers which seem to be pretty standard around here.


EDIT: saw your project post and noticed you already had spacers in there. Makes me wonder how many inches of spacers you can run in the front that would be safe to wheel with... Anyone have an idea?


I went out and measured my spacers and got this: teraflex spacer + stock rubber = 2.5" total spacer height. I wonder if I could squeeze another stock rubber in there to get about 3" in the front... :nuts:

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4.5" spring = 16.5" LCA

4.5" spring + 1.75" spacer (6.25" total) = 17.25" LCA




I still don't know why Rusty's sells a 4.5" coil with a SOA rear lift... :roll: Going SOA will get you right at 6" of lift in the rear (based on if it's a 2wd or 4wd); you'd think he'd know that but apparently not... :nuts:

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at 4.5" of lift you need longer LCA's. at 6.25" with the spacers, you MUST have longer uppers AND lowers.


otherwise you'll be pointing your pinion down at the ground :roll:


I don't suggest going to shorter shackles, as that may limit flex and cause some problems in that department.

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why not ditch the idea of adding spacers in the front & get some taller springs & adjustable upper/lower arms






why make things more expensive? right now, he can just buy the control arms and not be out any money...he's got the spacers, and the 4.5" springs.


springs with spacers won't really affect ride quality in this scenario...they're already lift springs, and the 6.5" of that brand likely have the same spring rate but more length, so the only thing he's doing by using the spacers plus 4.5" springs to net 6.25" of lift, is limiting flex a little bit if at all, and adding more of a natural bumpstop.

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so finally got her lifted, and as predicted i still sit butt high. which should i do:


adjustable lower control arms with some spacers up front


some shorter shackles.


i would prefer shorter shackles, where can i find these?



Is your spare tire in there yet? Are you truly finished adding weight to her?

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