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Selectable lockers?

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It's got like a slip ring setup... An outer ring with a groove machined around the inside of it remains stationary and has an air line going into it. That ring rides on the moving part, and is o-ringed so it won't leak.


Electrical ones are similar, but electrical, take apart an alternator if you want an example of that.



I don't think they can be rock solid reliable...

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OX lockers are the way to go. I would much rather have to take a minute or two and adjust a cable than to have an air line get broken, leak, pinch etc, etc... I can't wait to be able to afford them for our YJ :cheers:


I have ARB's on the TJ and have personally seen ARB Airlines patched in less than 5 minutes on the trail (not mine). With that also being said, if you are careful about running the lines, the chances of tearing are minimal... If your OX cable gets kinked/pinched/smashed, the repair is something more than 5 minutes I would guess (again if you install them cleanly, the chances of that are probably slim as well).


At least with the OX you don't have to worry about the compressor.


I didn't like the idea of the OX handles (which I personally thought were gaudy) sticking out somewhere in my dash/console and prefer the Switches I use to enable/disable my ARB's.


Probably can't go wrong either way...

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Just a FYI...


OX lockers now have an air system that can be adapted to any new or old OX locker and does away with the cable system. Upon my conversation last week with George @ OX they are actually working with an electric option as well that can be adapted.


So here shortly, you'll be able to choose cable, air, or electric for the way you want to be able to activate your OX locker.



Also another FYI, OX is now under new ownership and they promise to be working on some new lockers as well. (aka the Chrysler 8.25")

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I dun' care 'bout the 8.25. Waste. I run 44s.


So, the new OX would just be the old one with a pneumatic actuator or such on it? Sounds bulky. Unless it still has a cable. Anything on the front of the diff is technically fodder, although I rarely hit anything above mid-point on the cover. But I don't knoe enough about OX to know if that's a problem.



From what I hear, ARB is the best bet.

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I have two ECTED units, one in a 8.8 and the other in a D44. I CANNOT in good faith recomend this unit.


The 8.8 has proved EXCELLENT. I have had ZERO problems since its install, some five or so years back.


The D44 in the MJ is on its THIRD unit. Customer service is beyond bad, frankly its is DEPLORABLE. With long waits, LIE's and extreamly poor comunication. The only thing they did not do was try to charge me for repairs. Right now, it is VERY slow to engage. Many times if the tires do not bias enough, it will not engage at all.

One good point, the LS is a VERY aggressive unit, chirping tires if you get on the gass at all in a turn.


So I do like it once its working, but the hi probibility of issues and dealing with the poor CS is to much for me to recomend them to anyone.


If I did it over, I would go ARB all the way!!! Sensabule hose routing with a attention to detail WILL reduce many problems others have seen. I have installed one and helped with two others.



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