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Dual 44's and 37's (quick update)

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ok, for the last 6 months a have been putting together the stuff to swap in a waggy front 44 with wheel spacers, and J-truck rear 44 with the wheel spacers the stance is about 65 front and rear. i had to weld on the brackets off of a 2wd Comanche axle on to the front 44, that was kinda a pain, but it worked. i have to get some longer brake lines, and a have to get some manual locking hubs for the front axle, and a couple other things here and there. here are all the pictures. if you have questions about any of it, just ask me, I'll try to help the best i can.


and here is my plan for a rear bumper, which will be my next project.

and for comparison, here is my truck before

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I finally got some new brake lines on my truck, and can now flex with confidence that i'm not going to snap one. here is a few pics, sorry, the pictures are really big. beware dial-up.


Anyway, i was able to get the tire about 35 or 36 inches off the ground, i think thats a pretty good amount.

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So i got a quick update to my project. i cut the rear lower quarter panels in preparation forr building my rear bumper, a little early, but they were all dented, and banged up anyway, so i figured it would make it look nicer. :rotf:

i like the look. i can't wait till i have the bumper to protect it, and add some sweetness.

here are some videos from a recent wheeling playing around trip.

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