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Tailgate handle?

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Hi guys,


First off, great site. I just sold my TJ about a month ago and picked up a '92 MJ for pretty cheap. I'm hoping that it can get me to college and back for the next couple years, and still be something that I can wheel a little bit if I want. So far I'm really liking it.


Anyway, my question is about the tailgate handle. The one that came on the truck was rusted through and siezed up. I took it off and now I just pull on the cables to open it, but it's really a pain. I want a new handle, but I definately don't want to give the dealer $80 for a new one. I can't seem to find any MJs in junkyards either. Is there anyone who sells handles for cheaper than the dealer? Or are there any other trucks with similar handles that would work? Any other options?


Thanks for any help.

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probably, but by the time find time to go to the yard, actually use the gas and drive there, pay 2 bucks to go in, walk around for an hour, possibly find on worth pulling, pay for it, then drive home, then clean it up, repaint it, and install it, I might as well have just bought the new one.


I will eventually, but right now I don't have to open my tailgate much so It is one of my lower priorities.

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You pay the freight,I've got a gate at home

I'm not gonna use.I'll ship the handle to you.

Post or pm me your zip code,I'll

get ups charges Monday and pm you.


Right there is the difference between this board and others. What CW's thread was all about. Now back to original topic.

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i went to the j/y - they looked identical, but the bolt pattern (the three that go through the back) was different. on mine they kind of make a triangle but on the s-10s they were one above the other on the left and a single one on the botom on the right. the handle itself looked the same but my mechanism is siezed so i was hoping to get the guts too.

so i left empty handed ( except for a cupholder and a seatbelt).- but i'm back to square-one on this gate.

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