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Dome lights

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A couple of the guys on here have replaced them with

different stuff,I used some out of a custom van we had laying around work.

I tried searching for threads,but I'm new too.Try it.

I'm sure you'll get some responses shortly.

Factory ones are nla,so either fab in something,or find in a yard.

Bunches of aftermarket lamps available,I'm just too dumb to

tell you where to look.

The real folks will be along and tell you what to use.Hang tight.

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I prefer the higher quality Bosch Porsche/VW interior lights;




Don, How do you manage to sneak these DIY threads in with out me seeing them? First the window fluid bottle in the fender; now this.


LOL :D . I don't know, but I post 'em all up. :cheers:

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So I installed new dome lights and the door lights won't turn off ...... crap. :headpop:


The factory dome lights located in the B pillar had a full time power wire to them that would allow them to be turned on while the door was closed. You probably used the wrong wire when you wired your new ones in. You will need to use the wire that is switched on by the door switch.

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turning the knob counter clockwise turns on the floor lights. I just got back from my little project and figured it out. I just left the black wire with a white stripe disconnected and used the two solid red and black wires; now the dome lights are operated by the switch on them only which is what i want.

:cheers: all is good

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I just got done putting two of those lights in. Works great! Just need to get some LED bulbs to make them brighter.


Wiring was really odd. There's a black wire, a red wire, and a yellowish wire. I would've thought the black wire was the ground. But I used the red wire and the yellowish wire.


Works just as it should when the doors are open, or by using the headlight switch. So I didn't use the black wire at all. :dunno:


Thanks for the great idea!

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