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Max lift stock brake lines?

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You wouldn't want to try this with the stock lines, but you will be OK for daily use.







I have the 3.5" Rubicon Express lift on mine using the stock lines, but it is a poser that never goes off the pavement ;) :D .

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On the original question, I agree with Eagle on 2", at least for the front. I run 1.75" spacers and at full flex (with sway bar disconnected) and steering lock the rubber brake hose is stretched tight.


Don't know about the rear, though.

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The problem with straightening out the front hard lines to move the ends lower is that you are trying to re-bend 20-year old steel lines. You might be able to re-bend them. Or ... they might crack. When that happens, in addition to needing new hoses you also need to replace the hard lines.


I realize I'm the resident Olde Pharte around here, but IMHO it's sometimes better to do it right the first time and try to avoid the headaches. I've learned from decades of trying the "cheap out" solutions that they very rarely work, and almost never save you the money you thouhgt you were going to save.

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