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Another full cluster swap thread

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Ok, I know that I need to change the oil pressure and temp sensors and its pretty much plug and play. But I will be going from no tach to tach, is that plug and play as well or do i need to get some sort of sending unit to make the tach work?





James :cheers:

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Got my new cluster in last night, still don't have the sending units so the oil and temp doesn't work. But the volt gauge reads at about 16 that seems pretty high. And the Tachometer reads really low (idles at about 200 rpm) I read somewhere on here that there may be a adjustment on the tach (I have blue and white guages). Does my cluster have that and if so where is the adjustment located?

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ok, pulled the tach, there is a plastic piece on top of the circuit board that has a phillips head in it, is that the potentiometer that I am supposed to adjust?


If so, how much do I turn it to turnit from a 4cyl to 6cyl and in what direction?

Yes, that's the pot.


According to a friend who did the swap, all the way one way is 4-cyl, all the way the other direction is 6-cyl. Just see which way it wants to turn, and turn it as far as it goes. Check result with a hand-held idle tach if you have one.

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ok, got it adjusted (don't have a handheld, so I just guessed that it should be idling a little below 1000 rpms). all the way one way is 4 cyl, and all the way to the right idles at about 2000rpms, Its right in the middle.

My bad. My friend put a 6-cylinder cluster into a 4-cylinder XJ, so I guess all the way worked for him and he assumed it had been all the way the other way.


Idle speed should be around 650 to 700 RPM, so you're in the ballpark.

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Having a difficult time finding the sensors, does anybody have part #s or a know where I can get them?


Just go to your local parts store and get them. Tell them you have gauges not idiot lights.


Checker and carquest both said that they don't have them. Checker had both of the ones for an idiot light cluster while carquest had neither of them. Ill try Napa tomorrow.

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I would go to http://rockauto.com/ I'm almost sure they have them.


They have the oil one under electrical-switch and relay. Airtex Part #1s6563


They also have a 2 coolant temp senders under cooling system. I would call them to make sure they are for the gauge tho.



On JT's for sale thread I think he has both. The link is in his sig

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