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I almost got out of the sport of 4wheeling ,mostley because I suck as a driver and 2cd my pathfinder never did drive the way I wanted it to but then I saw this beauty in my freinds junk yard and decided to turn to the dark side and get a jeep.Its a 89 comanche 2 wd no ac and it needed a fuel pump.I sold my pathfinder minus axles so those are going to go under here.IT will have a 44 front locked chromo, and a nissan rearlocked ,disk brakes 4:56 gears and an anti rock swaybar with 36 tsl on beadlocks.got it home and got it running and swapped out to a 4 wheel drive tranny and transfer case.then I tapped my steering box for hydro assist then torched all unneccesary brackets off and slapped the front axle under there on leaf springs.I never liked the leafs on my pathfinder so I decided that I woulnt like them on this either so I decide to radius arm the front and 4 link the rear.Bach is pretty much doing the build for me so he will keep me updated with pics so stay tuned.same bat station same bat time.



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i have a question, if you didnt like leafs and wanted the radius arm the front, then why did you even put the leafs in?


I was thinking the same thing, but i'm assuming he bought it from the JY with leafs in the front. Which means this jeep has had a history of pretty heavy modifications.


Either way, bitchin' jeep! Great start and welcome to the dark side of wheelin' :cheers:

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