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  1. Ok I work for one of the other big box stores but if its anything like ours... It looks appears to be a clearance tag (you'd have to check to see if that item is still regularly stocked on the shelf) it is still on the website but that means little. Why a store will clearance an item like that is because corporate in their wise wisdon realizes that that item at that location doesnt sell and is replacing it with what they hope will sell. Its totally automatic the price drops and no one inserts the price in a machine to do it... So no one screwed up per se. The other thing it could be
  2. Anyone have a set? Tried the yards but no luck... The 710's burn really rich for the 4.0 and i ended up losing 2 mpg.
  3. A plethora? Do you know what a plethora is? https://youtu.be/zWld721Wk-Q RT: 0:49
  4. This is why I don't own a new car... Newest car I own is 20 years old, a 2000 Crown Victoria LX... The others? My '88 Comanche, my wifes '88 Colony Park with 20k on it, and two 1973's... One a colony park, the other a Galaxie police interceptor, both equipped with 460's 😎 ETA: no car payments either.
  5. Well, as hobo put it, we swapped the injectors... The old bendix deka injectors from factory had to go, they were starting to leak! Once we pulled the injectors there was a ton of black crud in the ports... Cleaned it out with a rag, brake clean, and a screw driver. Then we put new rings on the injectors we were putting in (bosch 710's) and installed them and buttoned it all back up. Tested for leaks using a jumper on the fuel pump relay, no leaks so we fired it up... Of course it ran like crap because of the brake clean in the ports... And was smoking too... Also since i cleane
  6. Did the electric door locks and power windows, had to change the door panels... First I found this one off an 89 cherokee limited that was fully loaded (ended up with a few parts off it) unfortunately only one panel was there... The door switch bezel I bought off of a member here, works great and matches the rest of the chrome trim... But having mismatched door panels drove me crazy... Thats when we found these! Off a 95 cherokee country that was fairly loaded, love how the colors with the rosewood really brings out the interior colors and paint... can't wait to repain
  7. Great way to ruin two Jeeps... Didn't even use duct tape... Redgreen project this ain't...
  8. Guess you haven't seen the tan one in the neighborhood then hobo... If we're counting on the road in the last 5 years i see them occasionally, there was a black one with rollbar that rolled through here, the tan one in my neighborhood... Seen a few red ones and blue ones up in the dfw area... But you just don't catch a lot of them, but there wasn't many made to begin with.
  9. That's what we were figuring, we'll try it, thanks.
  10. Maveric

    I'm back!

    Well... Looks like ill be doing the radiator change sooner than later... My radiator which is about 12 years old... Blew out... So looks like its time to save up and snag all the parts for the open system... Of course this happens right after a new belt, plugs, and wires too...
  11. Anyone got a part number on those lights? I want a set! My original ones are broken.
  12. Maveric

    I'm back!

    After 6 long years, one new clutch, flywheel, slave cylinder, master cylinder... New gas tank, cherokee fuel hanger, new fuel line... New fluids... New battery.... And a bit of coaxing... She lives again! After changing her fluids and adjusting her brakes i took her around the block.... Darn speedometer doesnt work... I think the cable might be broken? Looking online at the local parts houses theres a short 38" and a long 92"... Anyone know what length is in an 88 comanche with a 4.0 4wd with the Peugeot trans?
  13. Looking at the engine the other day i noticed this plastic H? That looks like it once held rigid plastic piping but its broken off... I can't see anything it would connect to... Maybe someone with the service manual will be able to guide me to what it is, how its connected, etc...
  14. Maveric

    I'm back!

    Hey hobo! welcome aboard! Yeah the truck went out sometime in 2012/2013 when my foot went to the floor trying to change gears... clutch went out... well it sat up at my dads place, and owning at the time the 03 p71 I never got around to fixing it... well years went by like they do, the 03 blew a ujoint and broke the driveshaft and it got junked, replaced by an 08 p71, and yet more time passed... and then i bought my first house and the truck had to go... so it sat at my place, and i kept meaning to get around to it, but work and repairing the house, being married with small children... ke
  15. Maveric

    I'm back!

    After a several year hiatus (last i logged in was 2013 WOW!) I stumbled across my old stomping grounds! Hello everyone who may remember me with my 1988 Comanche Pioneer! It's been a long long road... If anyone remembers me, please say hello! we probably have a lot of catching up to do... Anyway I thought I'd drop back in and let you know I'm still alive! Now it's time to go catch up on what I missed for the last 6 years...
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