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  1. Hey y'all I finally found my second vehicle, a 2003 ex transit authority railroad p71 police interceptor. She runs real good, got cold a/c, rack in pinion steering, and heated mirrors, but my Comanche still beat's her out in my heart, I think I'll love that truck more than any other vehicle I ever own. Anyway thanks for all y'all's help out there in helping me track it down, although I bought it from the state found a good source for government auctions... Anyway will post pics soon as I can clean 'er up and get the camera out. Y'all take care!
  2. ran all my vac hoses down, still high on the idle, unplugged the one that leads to the "map sensor" and...no high idle, has air flowing through the hose (making a spfff sound) map sensor go bad after i cleaned the throttle plate? or what? Edit: I do know that the correct amount of power is running to the sensor (5 volt and 2.5) by using an ohm meter but i don't know how the sensor is working as i can't get a probe in there the right way without busting something.
  3. hate to ask but if i fried it, how much is a TPS and whats the part number?
  4. TB i assume means throttle body, and no i removed the hose thing above it, scrubbed the plate then wham high idle... TPS? aren't those the reports Peter had to fill out in office space? other than that i have no idea what a TPS is... and Oxygen sensor safe cleaner? i dunno it was throttle, carb, and something cleaner... As for hoses the only one I removed was the big one over the throttle body, other than that I didn't remove anything.
  5. Hey y'all I cleaned my throttle plate with throttle cleaner, and then I got a high idle at 2, so I checked my vac lines and not a one seems to be leaking. I thought it might be the IAC but after i replaced it, it went down when it first starts to a idle of 1.5 but then after running for awhile goes back up to a 2 when idling, what could be the problem? there another thing that could be screwing up?
  6. no body really answers the one main question, how hard is it to install another rod? as for the rod, couple bucks eh? pm me with details
  7. so i can't just replace the rod? it only sheered right where the screw base of the knob goes (so i can't screw the new knob on there) it'll still shift its just shorter, and i don't know what transmission is in the '88 i know its a five speed...
  8. hey yall remember my post a short while ago looking for a shifter knob? well i got one from that guy and when i went to take the old knob off, it sheered the shifter rod clean off at the screw base!! :cry: so my question is two fold, how hard is it to replace the shifter rod? and is anyone parting out a manual mj/xj with a rod that'll work? i need one now...
  9. when did you buy that radiator? the picture shows one without a bung, do i request a bung? or order for my year or for the newer year?
  10. Yeah MiNi Beast, who makes that radiator?
  11. eagle posted that it wasn't GDI (Go Dan Industries) but there IS a radiator out there that has the bung for the auxilary fan temp sensor and it is an open system radiator, anyone know where to find one?
  12. whats it look like whats the part number? link? whats pete talking about in http://www.comancheclub.com/forums/view ... hp?t=10145 this thread? sounds like he converted to an 'open' system without converting to an open system? pete whatcha talking about?
  13. theres threads about converting closed to open without changing the radiator? where? any links? i can't seem to find them.
  14. well foolish me...didn't check to see why I'm heating up so much....I uh....flushed the radiator and water flows through it nicely, its the thermostat that needs replacing, least i think so ill check it later today, in any case no i didnt buy the radiator yet, thank god, but yall are a big help for even foolish people like me.
  15. could i run a jumper on the ecu plug to where the fan runs all the time when i start the truck up? i don't think it would harm anything the alternator would generate enough power to keep the fan going constantly, then it would remain super cool.
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