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  1. I would check the simple stuff first for example the exhaust hitting the cross-brace (I had that problem and it felt like something was hitting under my feet becasue the impact on the brace), changing drive-line angles can change the stress on the rear trans/transfer-case mount and motor mounts, if you have the stock rubber like trans mount. Could be something simple is what I'm trying to get at
  2. Sorry to drag up an old thread but I figured it's better than starting a new one, but I have a few questions hopefully I can get some insight on. Well I was going to change all my fluids and opened the rear diff. plug on my 1987 Dana 35 and had to reach halfway to the bottom of the diff to touch fluid and what fluid was in there was muck, black and thick, real thick, literally like mud, the tech that was there saw it and said he wouldn't recommend changing it, just topping it off and letting it all circulate and then maybe changing it in a few weeks, so i topped it off and put the plug ba
  3. I have quite a few things mine NEEDS before rock sliders but I am defiantly in for a pair when its ready!
  4. I'm no professional on these things but I had a car with a similar issue, I replaced everything and couldn't figure it out, it ended up being a mixture of bad timing and running lean, given that was a carbed big block 460, but just throwing it out there it couldn't hurt to check the timing :dunno:
  5. Hey, so i just picked up my first Comanche, its a 1987 4x4 2.5L 5 spd. sporTruck in red. It's a project to say the least, but I'm excited none the less. I'm pretty mechanically inclined and have all the tools and access to most of the machines to do most of what I need to, only major problems being: 1: Funds 2: Minor access to heated building to work on it in the frigid Illinois weather as my garage is not heated and my dads garage has two cars in the front heated garage and 3 cars in the heated shop in the back yard :fs1: he has more projects than me I think It has a few issues th
  6. Just bought a Comanche! Northern Illinois, On the map!
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