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  1. Havent posted in some time. A lot of recent progress. New seat cover bought from a member. New valve cover New dash assembly from the same era XJ New center console New gauges to get rid of the "idiot lights" Amd fixed skme wiring issues. Currently working on the slave cylinder and clutch line. Both went out while sitting i suppose. Then to figure out why the heat/ac fan won't blow. Not sure if it was working before or not. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  2. Curious as to what the price will be.
  3. Great experience buying from you, thanks again..
  4. Purchased this beauty today, not a mod but will hopefullu help me out a lot in the long run.
  5. Similar story for me and my MJ. Biught to keep miles off of my TJ and i fell in love. I also have a 2.5l and live in georgia. Macon to be exact. We will have to hit the trails together once both trucks are streetable. I have similar plans for mine as well; small lift, 31s, and kind of get back to reliable. Ill be driving mine to work and on trails when its ready also. Very exiting. Ill be following your build, subscribed!
  6. Drove the jeep around the block, still some slight vibration when there is no torque on the drivetrain. I may change iut the trans mount since ive done the engine mounts already. Brakes are muh better since i replaced thr drum hardware and shoes. Biught a new gauge pod but turns out the wiring is all screwy on the truck. Electrical gremlins are not my forte so this coukd be a huge project.
  7. Trackbar arrived today, truck will be road worthy soon as i get some time to work on it this week.
  8. My tie rod was delivered today. Pretty sure i won't be bending this tie rod, it is solid steel. Probably tje route i shoukd have taken on the TJ. Much easier to install. So far I'm impressed with IRO, ill be consodering them for future products. I see a budget boost in the future.
  9. "New" doors. I think i found the color i want to paint the jeep. The color of the doors looks great, guy said he had them lainted anvil, I'm guessing the same anvil that some JKs came in. The doors are mounted, still need to be adjusted properly and wired in.
  10. I need a mini console also, if yiu get lucky and find 2.
  11. Installed the sending unit, had to do some wiring and swapped the fuel pumps between the two so i coukd use the new one. Keeping the old as a spare. Fuel gauge still didnt read, removed the instrument cluster and saw that the backing was messed up causing none of my gauges (besides speedo since its mechanical) to work. Also explains why no lights on the gauge panel works. Got lucky and found a replacement on ebay, it has the actuak gauges instead of "idiot" lights as well. So ill call that an upgrade. Should be here next week.
  12. Kind of a thread to ask these types of questions, I'm in a crisis of principle vs market value. I don't want to over pay, as I'm sure no one does. Anyways, I'll start this off. Georgia is the geographical region: 92 jeep cherokee doors: mint condition inside and out, power windows and locks. What are they worth? My comanche needs doors, mine are in rough shape and missing several parts. If you have an opinion on what you would pay, have paid, or would/have sold doors such as these let me know. I'm interested in hearing opinions of what doors such as these are worth. Thank you.
  13. Thanks, looking at a junk yard comanche soon, if no luck then I'll push on to alternatives. I'm going to try to redo my panels do we will see how that turns out. Also, heavy duty tie rod and new TREs are on the way, killer deal from Kolak offroad. First real upgrade for the MJ. Yay brown santa!
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