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  1. Looks real good. You planning on taking it to any Jeep events this summer?
  2. Ah, gotcha, I talked to him at a local wheeling event last Thanksgiving.
  3. No, I have never been to no excuses. Why?
  4. That white Comanche is nice, he wheels the piss out it. it was a long bed, I believe that is what he told me, and he shortened it.
  5. Thanks for posting up the link, I was just looking for carpet for mine the other day.
  6. I feel like I have seen this Comanche before...
  7. He decided after he got it running that he wanted something different, so he stripped it down and sold off the body, motor, and transmission. The axles and transfer case now reside in a Cherokee that is 3 linked in the front and 4 linked in the rear. His new build is more street friendly then the Comanche was. Here is a picture of it at the NJ Jeep Invasion in Wildwood, flexing out on a 88 Comanche
  8. Snag a prop valve from a ZJ, not from an XJ, they are setup for a 4 wheel disk setup and will work better when you drop that 8.8 in the back.
  9. I haven't posted in a while because I have been busy working on some other projects. The plan has changed a little bit for the Comanche, instead of going with the super duty one tons I basically traded for a set of blown waggy 44s that are already set up for the MJ. Now I know ill have to regear the axles but figured its worth it because all the suspension setup is already done. The motor I pulled from the '92 Cherokee is currently sitting on my porch waiting for me to tear into it. Hopefully I will have some pictures to follow shortly.
  10. Nice that would have been cool. I was originally going to do that or do a Jurassic world scheme but I'm just going to keep originally body color. My wrangler is a JP Jeep
  11. That white jeep in the picture is a CJ10 they were mostly exported to Australia, so you don't really see many of them around in the states. They also had a CJ10A which was used by the military as an aircraft tug.
  12. That is a very interesting method to remove a motor and trans. I like it!
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