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  1. thanks! and nice little jeep! ive been meaning to get around to upgrading my daughters but, I'm also tossing around the idea of building her a small tube buggy/go-kart lol
  2. thanks! and thanks to the mods for moving this too!!
  3. wow, didnt realize i havent updated this in 9 months! lol not a whole lot has changed, bought a house in january with a nice big garage, recently finished a ls swap on my white obs chevy, the jeeps been sitting or used as a back-up daily lately but has had a few changes so to summarize: sectioned the tailgate so it fits the dovetailed bed did an extrernal slave swap, came from a tj so the t-case is now clocked up higher "fancified" exhaust tip i broke a rear u-joint and yoke and warped the leaf springs real bad after a 4k clutch dump... made a "bastard pack" with the main and second leafs from an explorer pack and the remaining good mj leafs. this lowered the rear a good 2 inches so i relocated the shocks and cut about a full coil off the front RE 5.5" coils to get it close to level. i also broke an axle ujoint so the front has 2 fresh joints now. sadly, thats really all thats changed... last time i wheeled was november?? anyways, here's a random assortment of pics and last but not least, the wife and i are expecting our second child next year!
  4. the 2wd ax15 came out of my 1989 comanche. 155k miles, internal slave, no shifter $150 obo no shipping unless buyer wants to figure that out the 4wd ax15 is also internal slave, 165k miles, shifts good but 3rd gear grinds at high rpm $300 obo no shipping unless buyer wants to figure that out
  5. got the tie in mostly done and started blending. not to happy with how it came out, and will probably add some body filler to make it smoother, or just say screw it and throw some spray paint on for now. we'll see. didnt get any pics but i also swapped out the stock pump for a walbro 255lph unit and added a fuelab regulator i had laying around. (for those who may not know, the xj i robbed all my wiring and fuel system from was a 96 with the regulator built into the sending unit) i have an aem wideband to install and hope to do a lil fine tuning on the regulator. the new pump definitely supports the stroker alot better than the worn out stock unit, but I'm still chasing a random miss down low somewhere. the tank is now recessed in the bed vs sitting in the "stand" i built for it. i moved it back a good foot and the straps bolt through one of the bed crossmembers in front and a 1/4 thick piece of 1" strap at the rear put the doors back on for now since ive still yet to pick up cage tubing. and gave er o good ol windex spit shine lol oh and i trimmed my ubolts, but after i took these pics lol
  6. got some mock-up work done. cut out 16 inches lengthwise and about 13 inches of width at the rear. i regret cutting the bed sides completely off now, but ive got plenty of metal to reattach them. just going to take longer
  7. the rear cross member is 4x4x0.25 wall square tube that i notched to fit the end of the frame from both the rear and the bottom so its plenty rigid. i then added ruffstuff shackle hangers and have been playing around with shackles. i started with 6" and i didnt like how tall the jeep was (one of the reasons I'm doing this is to lower it 2ish inches) then i made some 5"and 4" shackles out of 0.375 plate. the 5's were still a little tall but travel was perfect. the 4's sit just right but don't allow the travel i want. so i pulled the overload out of the spring pack and then tried each set again. i left the 4's in for now but think i may make some 4.5" ones and try those, we'll see. i still need to cut some pieces to fill gaps and finish welding but here's some pics. i ran into porosity issues (bad prep0 and ground some of these out and rewelded rolled the jeep outside, this is with the 4" shackles and no overload. I'm also thinking about hitting the junk yard to find some long flat springs to make a bastard pack
  8. been a while, havent done any wheeling lately, so i ripped out the interior and sawzall! took 16 inches out of the "frame" and cut the end of the bed off. I'm for sure bobbing it but may also dovetail, we'll see. last night i got the new rear crossmember and shackle hangers tacked and partially welded but didnt get pics, will tonight though
  9. i used the daystar's on my 96 xj and 89 mj. fit very tight in the cup and havent ever had one fall out
  10. Haven't torn either of them apart yet but plan to at least get into the 2wd this weekend. Thanks for the replies and I'll be sure to update asap
  11. the trans in the jeep currently grinds trying to shift into 3rd and will usually never actually engage. ive tried double clutch, rev matching, slamming the living piss out of the shifter, all to no avail. its extremely random i can get it into 3rd gear. all other gears will engage, but feel some what "mushy" when beginning to shift then engages rather harsh. also, going from any forward gear to reverse will usually grind at first till the jeep rolls a bit, then shifts fine. clutch master and slave are both in good working order. trans oil was changed less than 6 months ago, still full. it obviously needs to be pulled and torn apart. I'm guessing a syncro is bad... i have another ax15 (2wd) that shifted fine when i pulled it. both are pre 94's. i am cheap/broke and will be for some time... questions: since I'm obviously going to pull them both apart, how involved would swapping just the output shafts/tail sections be? as in how far apart do i need to go if that makes sense. or should i just take them both completely apart and use the best of each? thanks in advance
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