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motion offroad issues


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I am not bashing.I just asked a simple question because I can't get ahold of any body.He sounded like a nice guy as well as the lady I spoke too.I just need my part and I think 2 weeks is a little long with no response and I wanted to make sure they didnt close the door or anything like that.

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Have you even contacted them yet? Give them a chance to explain what is going on before you start jumping all over the net. I have waited a lot longer for parts then 13 days. It took me almost 6 weeks to get leaf packs from Rusty's.


I won't ever go into my buddy Chris who waited 9 months for an Atlas that never showed up. He finally went with a STAK instead.


Just out of curiosity what did you order?

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Easy does it with the whole harping on people for bashing when asking a simple question about his order. This is a good place to ask considering he couldn't get a hold of anyone over there.

And if you wanted to get technical with all this bashing BS there are plenty of people that has posted against shopping with Motion Offroad as well as dealing with Lead Not Follow and his site. There is plenty of stuff said and posted to make you question Motion and it's reliability as a company. I for one have dealt with Motion Offroad and have not had a problem, even knew of all the post about them and the BS that surrounds it, however cation I am I prefer to ultimately judge someone through my own experiences. This being why I still go through Motion Offroad when I may need something and as well as talk to Lead Not Follow directly on his site and well seems to be a ok guy to me.


So never harp on someone for being concerned about there order, and considering there was a legitimate reason for being so.

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As stated above we had some server issues over the past few weeks. We were updating some security stuff to make it safer for you the customer to order online and long story short our hosting company messed up. Our website was down for 3-4 days and the back end (what we use to process orders etc.) was down for 12 days. We just today have been able to access that part of the server. So we’ve been unable to process the majority of orders in the last 10 or so days.


Since our email is also ran on this same server we were unable to access our email for several days as well. We did get our email back up on Friday. Also our voicemail system is on the server so if you’ve left a voicemail we’ve still been unable to access them. So if you called and were unable to reach us and did leave a message we’ve been unable to check them. At the moment everything is back up besides our voicemail system. We have calls temporally routed to a cell phone so we can at least check messages.


We do spend many hours on the phone with customer’s helping them with install questions or answering general questions about products. We do not like to put customer’s on hold to answer the 2nd line (admit it, you don’t like to be put on hold when your call someone either); so we typically do not answer the phone if we are helping a customer and someone else calls. We do have voicemail and do check it threwout the day; so if you call and get our voicemail system PLEASE leave a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Email is typically the best option as far a contacting us goes as you’ll typically get a much faster response. This time of the year is very busy for us; not only do we spend a lot of time in the office, we also do wheel our own rigs several weekends a month as well as travel and do several Jeep shows etc. So if you call and get no answer (especially on the weekends) chances are we may not be in the office. Shoot us and email and we’ll get your questions answered ASAP. If you don't hear from us in 24-36hrs shoot us a PM on here; we usually try to check this forum every couple of days.


In the above instance I do believe we responded to your email as fast as we could explaining in that email on Friday that we had some server issues and were unable to access your order and to forward your info onto us and we’d get it taken care of ASAP. I also do believe that you spoke to us on the phone and we at that time told you we were unable to access our systems and give you any further details. So we were not ignoring you by any means.


Does any of this make it right and offer a good excuse why it’s been a week and a half and you still haven’t received your order? ABSOLUTLY NOT! Unfortunately sometimes things are out of our control and this was one of those things. Trust us, we were just as upset about our website being down and not being able to offer good service to our customers as our customer’s are. I think our track record should speak for itself and as shown here we have many happy customers. We do apologize that this happened and for that and your trouble we’ve credited your account on our website for a few bucks off your next order as a good-will.


I will also take this time to state that the majority of vendors do take several days to process orders (typically 2-3) and standard ground shipping times are 3-7 days. So many orders will show up in 5-10 days; maybe a few days longer. Feel lucky if they do show up faster. Also if you need your parts faster please call us and we’ll see what we can do to speed things up and expedite the shipping to you.


And lastly….


PLEASE do not make your life more difficult by scheduling your installation date until ALL of the parts and pieces show up on your doorstep. We ask you this as a friend and valued customer, either the shipper, the vendor, or some other person involved will make an error and throw your plan into a tailspin. We get at least one call/email a week from someone who got impatient and started doing an install, only to find out that they were missing something, or that a vendor was backordered, or the shipper lost the box, or something that throws off their schedule and their daily driver is now torn apart in the driveway or garage, awaiting a part that's not to arrive for another few days. Don't be that guy! PLEASE don't put yourself into this situation as it’s not good for anyone.

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