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88' MJ project

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New to the forum so i thought i would share my project with everyone one. This will be some what of a slow build but i am hoping to have it wheelable by August. I'm starting out with a 88' Pioneer 2.5L with a ax5 and NP231. d30 and d35 with 4:10's and lockrites front and rear. 5.5"coils in the front and spring over in the rear on a set of 33" Pro Comp MT's. Needs alittle work to the interior and driveshafts to be drivable. The plans are to wheel it this August then it goes back under the knife and i will be putting a 9" and d44 under it. Here is a couple pics...



Nothing special



like i said needs some interior work...LOL



These are the 33"s that i have for it


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Havent been on in awhile, but have made some progress on the MJ, here a few pics...


not a bad stance...





interior mostly complete...





new switch for the marine heater, didnt get a pic of the actuall heater...



got the huge hole in the tunnel covered...



couple shot of the new drive shafts installed...







just a few more things to do before the first wheeling trip, will be picking up front and rear bumpers along with sliders from JCR the first week of Feb. also have to install the rear window. First trip will be WinterFest with the Naxja group in March.

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pretty much finished everything esle up this week...


got rear bumper install...




got rear window installed...



CB radio installed...



and fire extingisher installed...




this ends phase 1 of my comanche. next phase will hopefully begin sometime this summer which will include ford 9" and D44, locked front and rear, possibly 35"s tires and a cage...

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looking good. any plans to change the rear shock mounts?



thanks, and no plans to change shock mounts at this time (but why did you ask?). Went to the badlands and everything worked out good. didnt really get any wheeling pics just one on the RTI ramp checking to see if there was going to be any issues. ran orange and played in the quary on friday, and ran pink and played in the quary some more on saturday. Everything went very well and I'm happy with it for now.



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that is a bad angle in the pic, there is more there than it looks. there is about 3 to 3.5 of up travel. Not saying that it is right but seems to work just fine on the trail. But either way I'm probably not doing anything else to it for a couple reasons.

1. the jeep is not drove on the road

2. those shocks are cheapos that were on it when i got it so if something happens to them so be it

3. tear down on my 9" will begin in the next couple of weeks



but on a side note I'm glad there is actually someone looking at my thread. the point of a build thread is for people who have already went through the same thing to criticize and suggest things.




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Been a while since I updated anything, but not much as changed other than it got primered all one color and got a sweet deal on 35" MTR's (a buddy of mine traded me them for my 33"s Pro comp MT's)


Here is a poser shot from this last weekend at the Badlands...



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fair enough. i just welded universal shock mounts onto my axle.


also, we need to hit up the badlands. There is a planned run June 12th-14th. I'm going.


Looks like we are planning on heading down agian on June 19th and 20th...Feels good wheeling again 3rd trip to the badlands this year... :thumbsup:

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