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happy thanksgiving!

Pete M

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turkey day!  :banana:   I think my Bro-in-law is air-frying this year.  after a day of brine-soak of course.  will find out this afternoon.  got the xmas tree down from the attic because I was up there anyway, but I'll wait to decorate until later.  and yes, I only set up 1/4 of a tree each year.  :laugh: 


and the Lions are doing pretty good this year so maybe they will make it an entertaining game. :D 









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2 hours ago, FrankTheDog said:

I would take one look at that and go “NOPE”.

That’s my response to most American “thanksgiving” traditions if I’m honest. Celebrating harvest a month after it’s over and just gets more confusing from there on in. 

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