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Adjustable track bar out of adjustment!

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Need some info advice ect. Put a new axle and gears along with all new suspension and 3.5 lift on my comanche and cherokee both. Same lift suspension ect. I’m having an issue with the track bar. Got the rubicon express re1600 adjustable track bar. It wouldn’t adjust far enough so got the drop bracket that mounts to the frame, also rubicon express. Drilled out the mounting holes so the track bar bolt would fit and still not enough adjustment. Don’t have an engine in the comanche yet so thought maybe that’s it. With the wieght of the motor would depress the front end thus allowing a closer fit so to speak. Well just finished doin the axle in the Cherokee and it does have a motor and same situation. Do I need the drop bracket that mounts to the axle? Has anyone else had this issue? Tye comanche was 2wd but I made it 4wd, but the cherokee is all factory minus the controls springs ect. Hope this makes sense. Any help would rock!

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1 hour ago, gogmorgo said:

Is the axle properly centred under the truck? Once you take the old track bar out there’s nothing stopping the axle from moving left and right. 



You can use a ratchet strap to recenter it. But you shouldn’t be setting your track bar in final position until you get all your weight in the truck. 

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