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Wet carpet - Leaky windshield?

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Disclaimer, this is an issue on my 94 XJ.


Saturday was a nice day after a few day of rain and before a few days of forecasted rain so I was vacuuming and doing some upholstery cleaning on some vehicles. Got to the 94 XJ and the carpet in the drivers foot well was wet. I dried it all weekend, checked on it yesterday and it was dry. Went out again today after rain all morning and the carpet was wet again. Back to drying it out again...


I had initially wondered if it was the door seal that was leaking. We had a nearly horizontal rain storm last week that would have blown straight at the drivers door. But today's rain was a drizzle straight down so I'm confident I can rule out the door.


I've owned this XJ for about a year and a half. The windshield is in perfect condition, likely having been replaced not long before I bought it, but I have no idea who did the work. The carpet may have gotten wet everytime it rained or snowed and I just didn't know it because it was under a rubber floormat. But I know there is a problem now.


I've called around to a few windshield places locally. I'm hearing various things from leak tests to trying to reseal it without removing the windshield to removing the windshield (hopefully not breaking it) and reinstalling it, etc. What is the treatment that I should be looking for? And what should it cost?

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pull the carpet, sprinkle some powder around (flour or baby work) and run the hose.  :)  there are literally dozens of way that water can get in. :(  find that leak before you start throwing money at it.  :L:  

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IMO if your windsheild is leaking the only solution is to cut it out and glue it back in. Trying to reseal without pulling it is asking for problems. If the problem is a rust bubble somewhere, resealing it is just going to trap the moisture in and an issue that could have been a grind and prime now needs welding. 
I’d also suggest finding someone who uses a cutting string tool to remove the windsheild, rather than some form of steel blade. It significantly reduces the chance of breaking a windsheild and takes a ton less time, meaning it’ll cost you less for a better job.


I’d also suggest checking the a/c drain tube to make sure it’s not clogged. It’s a little black rubber tube coming out of the bottom of the passenger side firewall, near to the starter. Poke a screwdriver into it. 

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Thanks for the tips. For now we got the carpet dry and threw a tarp over it - which seems to be working for now. Will get out the hose and take a good look and turn a hose on it on a sunny day.

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