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CAD Vacuum line hose replacement

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24 minutes ago, EdJarHead said:

Just did some work on my axle (seals, universal joint replacement) and one of the vacuum lines on the CAD is broken.  Anyone know of a replacement source (or size) for these? 


I think they are pretty standard size.  Take the broken one down to Autozone and get a length of what you need.  They also have adapters/couplers to patch.


That being said, one of my favorite "upgrades" was yanking out that whole thing.  I locked the arm into the "engaged" position permanently and wired up an electrical indicator on the transfer case for the "PART-TIME" light.

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My CAD was pretty unreliable when I purchased my truck.  After I swapped out the full truck vacuum harness for the cruise control one, it must have fixed a vacuum leak as the CAD now works perfectly and reliably.  I'm thinking that my accumulator ball had a leak. Every time I drive the truck I make certain to actuate the 4 wheel drive for a moment and it always engages immediately.


I am all for keeping the CAD, replace the vacuum line and make sure to actually use it occasionally.

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There are several reasons why Jeep stopped using CAD on the XJ/MJ, and reliability is just one of them, and is a big one.


Unless you are restoring you MJ to factory original into every detail, keeping the CAD makes little sense.

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